How to Fulfill Orders

Ship the Order

We recommend using to create USPS shipping labels. We like it because it is free, easy to use, and includes rates for Cubic Shipping, which can be less expensive than Flat Rate or Regional Mail boxes. (Destashify is not sponsored by Pirate Ship; we just really like their website.)

We require all domestic shipments be sent via a 1-3 day shipping service with a tracking number and insurance for orders over $10. 

Some services allow you to email a shipment notification to the customer. We ask that you decline this service since Destashify sends one out to all customers.

Mark the Order as Fulfilled

Once the order has been shipped, it needs to be marked as fulfilled in the Seller Portal. Once the tracking number has been entered, we send your money!

  1. Log into your Destashify account.
  2. Click on the Seller Portal button.
  3. Click on the Orders tab, then All Orders.
  4. Find the order to fulfill, then click the '...' button in the Action column, then select View. 
  5. Click the button Proceed to Fulfill the Order.
  6. On every line is a field called Select Quantity to Fulfill. Enter the quantity you'd like to fulfill for that product. For instance, if the customer ordered 4 items, but you only have 3, you can enter 3 to partially fulfill the order. You can fulfill the rest of the order in a second shipment.
  7. Click on Fulfill Now.
  8. Enter the Tracking Number, Shipping Method (for instance, USPS), and the Tracking URL.
  9. Save by selecting Fulfill Items.
  10. A shipment notification with the tracking information will be automatically sent to the buyer.

Next, tell us how to pay you!