Frequently Asked Questions

Destashify is a marketplace for sewists who want to destash, start a side hustle, or grow their existing business. Here you can buy and sell yarn, apparel and quilting fabric, and patterns.

Who can use the website?

Currently we only support U.S. sellers, but we do ship globally. We hope to expand internationally in the future.

Do I need a PayPal account to make a purchase?

No, you can use PayPal's Guest Checkout. At checkout, click on the PayPal link, then Guest Checkout. You can use a credit card or debit card, and your card information will not be saved by PayPal or Destashify.

How much does it cost to sell?

When an item sells, we keep $1 + 15% of the remaining product subtotal. There are no extra listing fees or payment transaction fees. There are no upfront costs to sellers. If an item doesn't sell, there are no fees for listing or re-listing it. The seller gets 100% of the shipping fee.


When do I get paid?

Sellers get paid after the order is fulfilled and the tracking number is added to the Seller Portal. The sooner you ship, the sooner you get paid!

How do I start selling?

How do I let buyers create a pattern bundle with my patterns?

When posting your patterns for sale, add the product tag 'bundle.' This will add your patterns to the list of all patterns which can be bundled for a discount. You don't need to add this tag to all of your patterns if you have some more valuable patterns.

How do I indicate that my fabric can be cut to length?

Add the product tag 'yardage' to any fabric which can be cut to a length chosen by the buyer. This will add the fabric to the page showing all fabrics which can be cut to length. Be sure to indicate the unit of measurement on the product posting (one yard or half a yard, for example; we recommend half a yard).

I need a side hustle. Help!

How does the shipping flat fee work?

Buyers pay a flat fee for shipping and 100% of the fee goes to the sellerHowever, sellers are responsible for actual shipping costs. Because shipping will often be more than the flat fee, we recommend that sellers add a bit to the price of each product to account for actual shipping costs. 

What is the shipping policy?

Orders should be shipped within 2 business days using 1-3 day shipping, such as USPS First Class or Priority Mail. All shipments must have a tracking number. They must also have insurance if the order is over $10. 

Shipping is complicated and expensive. Help!

Shipping can be the most frustrating part of selling online. We want to make it easy. The following pages give you a head start on low stress, low cost shipping.

How can I donate my supplies?

Here are the current instructions for donating.

What about sales tax?

We withhold and pay sales tax in states where it's legally required.

How long do items remain for sale?

Items are disabled if they haven't sold within 90 days. They can be re-enabled.

What about refunds?

How are disputes handled?

If there is a problem with an order, please attempt to resolve it with the seller first. If it doesn't get solved or if there is a problem with the platform, contact Destashify.