How to Start Selling

Follow these steps to create a Destashify account and set up your first product.

Sign Up as a Seller

  1. Click the Sign Up Now button to create an account.
  2. Access your account from the person icon in the upper right corner.
  3. Click the Seller Portal button to access the seller tools.
  4. Verify your email address using the email sent you from Destashify.

    Complete Seller Profile

    1. Click on the Account tab, then My Account.
    2. Here you can save the following:
      1. Seller Name
      2. Shop Name
      3. Address
      4. Phone Number
      5. Description
      6. Profile Image
      7. Logo
      8. Payment Method
    3. Optional: If you'd like to include a packslip or invoice with the packages you send to customers, add the address and contact information you'd like to see on those documents by selecting the Configuration tab, then Invoice Configuration.

      Add Your First Product

      1. Click on the Products tab, then on All Products, then click Add Product.
      2. Here you can save the following. Click on the links for more detail.
        1. Product Name
        2. Product Type
        3. Description
        4. Product Tags
        5. Shipping Info: check 'Requires Shipping' for physical products; weight and dimensions are not needed
        6. Price: include a little extra for shipping
        7. Quantity
        8. Photos: 1065px x 1065px recommended

      Disable Products

      By default, the item will be visible on the website as soon as you click Save. If you want to hide it from others, do this:

      1. Go to Products tab > All Products
      2. Select the '...' button in the Action column for the item you'd like to hide.
      3. Click Disable.

      Have an order that needs to be fulfilled?